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1. Don't powerplay. This means you should not be controlling other people's characters.

2. Please use OOC when you are speaking out of character. It keeps people from getting confused between roleplay and general talk.

3. Roleplay is to be done in the forums only. Only on gathering nights is roleplay allowed in the chatbox. 

4. You may have as many characters as you want in any, both, or non clans. However, if you hold a major rank, you cannot have a second one.

5. No superpowers, special markings, etc. This is a realistic Warriors roleplay site. Also, you MUST be a cat.


Moonstar's Camp


Moonstar's Camp originated long ago when Tom and Heather were much younger.  About five years or so, I believe.

And yes, this is Heather speaking.

So a while back we were both into the Warriors series and wanted to try roleplaying and just generally having fun with the books.  So Tom created this website and after a bit I joined him on it as co-owner.  We've been doing sites together ever since until we lost contact for a bit and took a break.  But now we're back, and hopefully going strong!  The original MSC was certainly something, and we hope to return this one to the same status!

Origin - Tom's take on MSC

To be honest, Heather's take on this site's creation is a bit lacking. (Or perhaps she's  simply forgotten). While I did create this site, the idea is not all mine. You see, it was Heather's idea to create a site originally, using some sort of site-making system called Acornrack. (I think it's shut down now). Though MSC was not the first site, the few original sites eventually became this one in the end. (This one also proved to be the most popular.) 



MoonStarsCamp was not the only Warriors Site that was created by Tom and Heather, but it was the only one that survived through it all. While I won't go through the details of the other sites (This is Tom speaking), I will enlighten you all on some information about MSC through the years.

MSC was created near the end of 2007. It had a slow start, but with the help of Heather, we ended up with a few dedicated members. Not too long after that, perhaps early 2008, I decided that I could run a few google advertisements for this website. They seem to have worked. If you aren't familiar with google's ad service, basically, I create an ad that is then broadcasted to basically any website that supports google ads. I even remember a guy who came (And I think is still semi-active here) telling me he found this site searching for a book on Amazon. 

2008 was a great year. The summer of 2008 was arguably the busiest times MSC had ever seen. However, July of 2008 was also one of the worst times. A hacker by the name of CrimsonCrashing managed to hack into the site, putting up harassing messages and was generally a very big pain. 



Tom: Hi everyone! I'm Tom, also known as MoonStar. I've been making sites for many years, but this one has got to be my favorite. Even in the worst of times, this site has somehow made it out alive. (More or less.). 

I've known Heather in real-life for many years, since childhood, practically. She was the original co-founder of WCB, our first Warriors roleplay site. For a few years she left my sites, but I am honored to have her return again to help me manage the site!

Outside of MSC, I enjoy playing the piano, eating, and chilling outside. If you're interested in piano music (or any music at all), check out my Youtube channel: PowerChordism. Thanks!

That's prettymuch all I've gotta say about myself. Have a good day!

Heather: Hi all.  Heather here, as I'm sure you've deduced by now.  I've owned sites with Tom for a long time, before going an hiatus (a rather long hiatus, actually).  But I'm back now, and glad to be!

While I'm not particularly into Warriors at the moment, I'm willing to roleplay what I do know and just hang out to chat with people of course!  So, you may ask, where am I?  Well, some of you may have noticed that my chatbox name is Heather/Quend.  Kudos if you recognized Quend - that's pretty much what I go by online nowadays!  I've fallen head over heels, I'm buried, I'm sunk up to my neck in BBC's Sherlock!  If any of you out there know it, drop me a private message or find me on tumblr or under the name Quend.

Outside of fandom-related ventures, I am currently writing an original story too, though it's only in the drafting stage.  I dance and I play double bass.  That should be enough to tide you over!

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